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Rediscover the untouched allure of nature with Wicks & Bath Co's PRIMAL Luxury Soap – a masterpiece of organic opulence and earthy enrichment. Infused with the finest natural ingredients, each bar of PRIMAL is a sanctuary of skincare that speaks to the soul of the wilderness.

The essence of PRIMAL begins with the antioxidant powerhouse of green tea seed oil, enveloping your skin in a protective layer that rejuvenates and revitalizes. The soap’s luscious lather is enriched with apricot kernel oil and babassu oil, both renowned for their hydrating properties, ensuring your skin receives a nourishing cleanse that feels as luxurious as it is beneficial.

At the heart of PRIMAL lies the decadent organic cocoa powder, a rich, aromatic indulgence that not only delights the senses but also contributes to the bar’s deep, earth-toned hue. This natural wonder works to gently exfoliate and enhance your skin's glow, leaving a smooth and refreshed feeling.

Rice milk and a blend of organic butters—cocoa, mango, and shea—form a symphony of moisture that softens and soothes. Their combined properties deliver unmatched silkiness to your daily bathing ritual.

PRIMAL's detoxifying essence is drawn from nature’s palette, featuring activated charcoal for its purifying capabilities, murumuru seed powder for gentle exfoliation, and the mineral-rich brown Brazilian clay and French red clay, which together clarify and condition the skin.

The soap's primal aroma is rooted in an earthy bouquet of essential oils: grounding vetiver, mystical myrrh, and sacred frankincense, alongside the citrusy spark of grapefruit and the woodsy whisper of Scots pine. Nagarmotha and carrot seed oils weave a final note into this tapestry of scents, evoking the deep and wild serenity of ancient forests.

Each PRIMAL bar is a commitment to sustainable luxury, crafted with respect for the environment and a pledge to pure, skin-loving ingredients. Elevate your self-care regimen with Wicks & Bath Co’s PRIMAL Luxury Soap—a treasure trove of nature’s best, waiting to transform your daily cleanse into an immersive journey through the untamed heart of the earth. Shop now and unleash the primal power of organic cocoa and nature’s most cherished secrets.

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We believe in making exceptional
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