About Us

About Us

We want to introduce the faces behind this small business, Wicks and Bath Co., founded in 2021.

Rick and Celyn are not only partners in business but life as well. Over the years, they've enjoyed traveling (before the pandemic) locally and internationally.

Their passion for creating the products was born from their experiences, sights, scents, and the whole well-being it provided.  They want to recreate those sensations as much as they could and share them with you. Rick and Celyn also love spending time with their family, friends and three Golden Retrievers (yes, three!).

Celyn has worked in the healthcare industry for over ten years. The pandemic had a significant impact on the well-being of people in general, but especially those that work in healthcare. She was looking for ways to recenter herself by giving importance to her mental health during these trying times, self-care was her starting point. Taking long hot baths for relaxation and indulging the sense of smell with the calming effects of aromatherapy. Because of the limiting options of getting these products in stores at that time, this resulted in a creative spark for Celyn to handcraft and formulate these on her own. The experience of handcrafting these products helped Celyn ground herself and brought additional joy in her life. It has also immensely help nourish her mental health so much so that she would like to share it with you.

Rick has worked in the IT industry for over twenty-five years, and his passion for creating candles came at a young age when his Mom got him his first candle-making kit. The fascination with the process and the outcome led to a desire to learn more about it. Rick enjoyed the technical nature of creating products with wax through the years and the relaxation that came from working with his hands to create those products, which led to his desire to share those creations with others.    

Rick and Celyn hope you enjoy the products as much as they enjoyed making them for you. They'd love to hear from you with any questions or feedback on Wicks and Bath Co.'s products.