Refilling Your Diffuser

Here are details on refilling your natural reed diffuser using one of our refill kits

 How to replenish your diffuser:

  • Carefully remove the existing reeds from your diffuser and discard them (be careful not to spill any diffuser oil on your countertop - best option is to remove them over a sink)
  • Wipe the neck of the diffuser bottle to be sure no diffuser oil residue is on it
  • With care, unscrew the cap from the diffuser oil pouch, being careful not to squeeze it - which will push the diffuser oil out)
  • Place the diffuser bottle on a stable surface, bend over the top portion of the diffuser oil pouch to place the spout in the diffuser bottle
  • Lift the bottom of the pouch until the diffuser oil starts to pour into the diffuser bottle, keep lifting the pouch until it's empty, discard the plastic cap, and the foil pouch is recyclable
  • Place the reeds into the diffuser bottle, let them sit for about an hour, then carefully flip them

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